Update: 03/21/16


Begrudgingly, I have set aside “The Wisdom of Demons” for the foreseeable future.  It’s an idea story, and I’m afraid I began the narrative without enough preparation for where I wanted it to go or what I wanted to accomplish.  I do hope to return to it someday, once I’ve better netted the tone, didactic principle, and endgame of the story.

In the meantime, because I need something to occupy myself and experiment upon, I’ve been passing time with a fun, mildly satirical inside-joke sort of story called Creeksend, involving all of my personal friends.  While Creeksend is fun, it’s reminding me how much better I am at high fantasy than any other genre.  Wisdom of Demons was an urban fantasy geared towards adults, slated to be an independent work.  It made more sense to go that route than say, a multi-volume, high-fantasy series.  The market just doesn’t take those from new authors without a fight.

This is to say, I resurrected one of my old story ideas in this same vein of fantasy, an epic called “Heroica.”  I might start readjusting myself to working on that once I wrap up my shenanigans with Creeksend, as I am very fond of the magic system and characters I’ve created in the Heroica universe.

Writing aside, my media consumption has been cut of a different cloth, lately.  I’ve almost exclusively listened to podcasts, such as the Cracked Podcast, Criminal, and Welcome to Night Vale, which all have wildly different tones and agendas.  I’ve been trying to go through The Office, but I do not like it as much as I thought I would.  I’ve played no new video games and watched no new anime, but I did go through every single character bio for the League of Legends roster as research for lore building, character creation, and prose writing.  It was marvelous.

On a serious note, someone I care about deeply has been going through a rough time lately, so I’m considering fasting for her heart.  There are a lot of bad influences around her, changing her, and it’s painful to watch, but there’s not much else I can do.  Fasting and prayer seem to be the most evident options.

(Art is credited to GUWEIZ on Deviantart (http://guweiz.deviantart.com/))



Update: 02/23/16

re_imagine_by_yuumei-d6b1y26Hello all you strange and excellent people,

I do not have any striking prose pieces or related material for you this week.  In fact, I’ve been in a bit of a writing trench lately.  Priorities have been a bit screwy and my attitude, well, temperamental.  Afflictions of self and whatnot.  I’m working to help them pass in a timely manner, but matters of the heart can be elusive, so we’ll see.

I picked up Brandon Sanderson’s final Reckoner’s book, “Calamity.”  Barreled through it in less than three days, which is super fast for me, because I’m not the most breakneck of readers.  Yes, even for easy-peasy young adult novels.

Took me two years to read the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Nevertheless, I recommend the series to all audiences.  Anything that takes the superhero genre and flips all the tropes on their heads is something that will receive my mark of approval.

I’ve concluded that, unless I am really inspired to write some type of short-form story, I absolutely hate the activity.  Short stories suck to write.  I have half a dozen of them complete and undergoing revision, but I fear I don’t like any of them.  The heart is there, but the execution was freaking terrible.  This is a large part of my discouragement over the last couple weeks.

“The Wisdom of Demons” has seen far more progress.  I am currently establishing a coherent timeline for the rest of the story, which will act as a vehicle for pushing ahead to the end.  I spent an entire work shift backpedaling through all of my material, organizing it, and fleshing out details of setting and character agendas, so the book doesn’t feel like a flailing mess anymore.  Praise God.  I was tempted to scrap it for a while, there.

Christina Grimmie released her newest EP earlier this week.  Musically, vocally, it is splendid.  The lyrics are not bad, per se, they just hurt my heart a little bit and all ring the same emotional chord.  She clearly did not have a good relationship this last year, because all four songs follow the same subject.  I fear I might sound too self-righteous in asking that she use her skills to sing songs of a different tone.  Her pedestal in our culture is far greater than mine will ever be, so she has a great opportunity to shed light upon people who lack light.  Do not misunderstand, she does do all of this, just not to my selfish satisfaction.  As if I’m somehow in a place to make decisions on what she should and should not do with her abilities and time.

But that’s a rabbit hole nobody asked for.  Go check out the EP.  Seriously, it’s great.  It’s on ITunes for like, three dollars.

I recently discovered the Cracked Podcast, so that has also been a huge drain of my time.  A worthwhile drain, mind you, but a huge one nonetheless.  I’ve learned a lot about things I never even thought to ask questions about, like how America inadvertently inspired Hitler, gender and racial issues of a fabric I’d never considered, and pop-culture analysis from perspectives far unlike my own.  This abridged fluff I’m giving you now does absolutely no justice to how good the podcast is, so if you have an opportunity, check them out.

I’ve been on the hunt for post-graduate, MFT programs.  A necessary evil if ever there was one.  This also means I’ve been siphoning some time into studying the bloody GRE, which I grow less fond of by the day.

Lastly, I’ve finally put on paper my six-step plan for my writing career, which I’ve theatrically titled “Operation: Prisma.”  Yeah, I made a plan for life, that thing which notoriously spits in the face of plans.  Because I can, I guess.

Step One, get at least three short stories published, so I can have reference material for future pitching prospects.  Step Two, get my first novel published.  I’m aiming to have this done no later than five years down the road.  Then, in no particular order, the following goals involve increasing my popularity to a higher threshold, helping to make a video game, and helping to make an anime.

Hopefully our world does not implode or break down into forty different kinds of madness before then.

God bless, go about your days with a song in your heart, and always remember to smile.

(*Artistic piece by Yuumei for your aesthetic pleasure.  Please go support them on Deviantart.com, because holy crap they have so much cool stuff.)


Update: 01/14/16

Greetings all of you strange and beautiful creatures.

Despite having already published some material for this week (backlog through the widgets to find my exercise in alliteration), I figure I ought to do a quick update anyways.

In addition to my long-form project “The Wisdom of Demons,” I have now also begun crafting a short, horror tale for HorrorTree’s upcoming anthology “Let Us In.”  I haven’t done horror in a while, but it’s one of my favorites, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what develops.

I’m nearing the 1/3 mark on my read through Brandon Sanderson’s “Alloy of Law.”  As per usual, it is off to a solid start, with the promise of growing into something much more as the narrative builds.  At this point I’m pretty much sold on anything this man creates.

Not currently in the middle of any anime or manga besides the standard milling, but I am loosely watching a police drama called Flashpoint at my brother’s suggestion.  It is excellent learning material for The Wisdom of Demons.

Struggling not to get distracted with practicing my illustration skills.  They’ve grown rusty as of late, but it’s not something I have any intentions of dropping.  I’ve recently begun watching how-to videos on the craft again, as well as following an illustrator on Youtube named ‘itsbirdy’ who creates some rather marvelous work with his limited resources.

I’ve been heavy into developing my taste for EDM lately.  It’s good music for simply engaging oneself in whatever you happen to be doing.  Tremendously looking forward to Christina Grimmie’s new EP due out some time this month.

Anyways, that’s all.  Thanks for listening.

God bless, make a friend, always remember to smile.

(If you have any suggestions on EDM music, hit me up.)

*Articuno & Elsa picture compliments of itsbirdy. Check him out on Youtube and Instagram.


Update: 01/06/15

Working on the third chapter of my most recent project: “The Wisdom of Demons.”

It’s tricky not falling into the idea that I have a deadline.  I want to nourish and cherish this story, so it may grow into its skin, but I also want it to be presentable by WorldCon later this year.  That means completing the full first draft, with preferably three or four upgrades to it thereafter.  It did not seem so intimidating at first, when I’d only planned on creating a novella, but since the story has graduated a few times and character arcs have been fleshed out, I have no idea what the endgame is going to look like in terms of length.  I just have to keep on plugging.

Still waiting to hear back on my submission for “Maori.”  The anthology made no promises on any response up through February, but the angst in my chest is bouncing around so much that I’d be relieved simply to have an answer.  Alas, another test of patience unfolds.

In terms of recent media, I’m about to finish up my first playthrough of the Tomb Raider reboot, in light of its sequel’s recent release.  The narrative lore in that game is splendid, congealing elements of ancient Japanese mythology and culture with the glorified ‘Indiana Jones’ idyllicism one should expect from a Tomb Raider game.

I’ve also been plugging through the first two seasons of Tokyo Ghoul.  Its been on my list of to-do’s for some time, and after a recent stunt pulled by Grimmie, its priority shot up to the top of the list.  My favorite character is Juuzou, because I love psychotic characters, especially light-hearted psychotic characters.

Thanks for reading.  See you later, Space Cowboy.

(Here’s a picture of Pikachu and Stitch dressed in reversed onesies, for your entertainment.  Compliments of @itsbirdy)


Update: 09/02/15

This is the first week since I’ve began publishing items on my blog in which nothing will be released.  However, since I want to make Wednesdays my day where it can be expected I’ll provide something, I’ll just give you a quick update.

The reason I have nothing written for this week is because I just recently attended back-to-back conventions, the first being science fiction and fantasy’s WorldCon in Spokane, Washington, the second being video games’ Pax Prime in Seattle, Washington.  Both events were superb and gave me opportunities to talk with many of my favorite authors, including their editors and agents.

I’m going to try and write a chapter of Anarchy for next Wednesday, but I’m also putting  together a short-story to be pitched for an anthology, so it’s going to be a stretch.  On top of this, I still need to finish my last Geeks Under Grace article before I can officially go on hiatus there.  It’s too much to take care of all of these responsibilities, plus my day job, plus my new dog.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.  I’ll be working hard to get my agenda back on track these next couple of weeks.  Until then, God bless, make a friend, and always remember to smile.