“I Want to Play Piano, Dad” – Original Short Poem

I want to play piano, Dad
I want to play piano
My swelling chest
Which knows no rest
It wants to play piano

The keys open my heart, dear Dad
Unlike any else I’ve found
Remedy the pain
The spirit of rain
I want to play piano

There’s a price to learning the magic, Dad
Long, weary nights alone
But my friend is there
Notes in the air
But I’m afraid to play piano

I lost my favorite person, Dad
Now she’s an echo in minor key
In Heaven she sings
Your praises she brings
I should want to play piano

You know I need your help, Dad
But walls were formed to keep you out
My angry heart
Will fall apart
If I don’t learn to play piano

Oh how fragile we are here, Dad
But you already know that, don’t you?
Why else would you sit me down
Tell me you’re proud
And help me learn to play piano?