A Youtuber Worth Exploring

So a couple months ago I found a writing gem in the form of this sassy, hilariously self-deprecating character known as Jenna Moreci.  Jenna is, at her own admission, a bit rough around the edges.  But this is also one of her greatest strengths, and I doubt I would have gone through half her upload history if she were as tame as other writing-centric Youtube creators.

Jenna is a bona fide, published author who is eager to share not only her advice on the various topics which orbit writing and publication, but her own personal goals and the progress she makes towards each.  She’ll call herself and/or you a variety of colorfully crude things, but she means well, I promise.

Sometimes her fiance Cliff will be on the video with her, and you can only expect fun times when their chemistry begins to show.

This is one of the only few Youtubers where I have that little notification bell clicked, so I can see what she shares as soon as it goes up. I highly recommend checking her out.  Some of my favorite of her videos are:

1. Her Quarterly Goal Videos

2. Any of the double-team videos with both Jenna and Cliff

3. This weird habits of writers video

4. And any of her “pet peeves” videos