Cooper D Barham — Published Works Compendium — 08/19/18

The proceeding is a complete list of works I’ve had published across the internet, in descending order from newest to oldest. The first half includes all of my publications with Geeks Under Grace, where I’ve been a content creator since mid-2014 and department editor since early 2018. The second half includes all publications to my personal writing blog, including my serialization of “Anarchy” which ran through 2015. Aside from “Anarchy,” “Iscariot,” and a few short stories in the early days of the blog, none of my prose writing has been formally published.

Geeks Under Grace

“Review: Tokyo Godfathers” published 08/13/18

Our Favorite Humor in Anime published 07/23/18

“Review: Banana Fish — Episode 1” published 07/20/18

“Review: My Hero Academia — Season 2” published 06/29/18

“Review: Violet Evergarden” published 06/20/18

“Anime: Dubs VS Subs” published 06/08/18

“Review: Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku — Episode 1” published 06/06/18

“GUG Community’s Favorite Anime” published 06/04/18

“Exploring Suicide in Anime: An Analysis of the Medium” published 04/06/18

“The Most Underrated Anime Soundtracks” published 03/19/18

“Review: Made in Abyss — Season 1” published 01/22/18

“Violet Evergarden: Episode 1” published 01/20/18

“The Junji Ito Collection — Episode 1” published 01/13/18

“How Weekly Shonen Jump is Evolving” published 01/01/18

“Our Favorite Anime Christmas Episodes” published 12/25/17

“Review: Boruto: Naruto Next Generation — Season 1” published 12/22/17

“22 Terms Every Anime Fan Should Know” published 11/06/17

“Remove One Character From an Anime to Make it Better” published 10/20/17

“9 Anime YouTubers Worth Watching” published 10/16/17

“The History of Anime — Part 3” published 10/13/17

“The History of Anime — Part 2” published 09/18/17

“What is Your Favorite Anime Power or Ability?” published 09/15/17

“The History of Anime — Part 1” published 10/21/17

“The Apostle Paul’s Favorite Anime” published 08/14/17

“Review: Little Witch Academia” published 08/11/17

“Review: Made in Abyss — Episode 1” published 08/07/17

“Review: Shoukoku no Altair — Episode 1” published 07/25/17

“What Makes Your Perfect Anime?” published 06/17/17

“Anime Characters Who Deserve Their Own Series” published 05/26/17

“Review: Clockwork Planet — Episode 1” published 05/05/17

“Who Is Your Anime Husbando/Waifu?” published 05/02/17

“The Moment Digimon Forgot It Was a Kid’s Show” published 04/20/17

“Review: Boruto: Naruto Next Generation — Episode 1” published 04/12/17

“Review: My Hero Academia — Episode 14” published 04/02/17

“Review: Kill La Kill” published 03/16/17

“Avatar’s Bending in Our Modern World” published 03/06/17

“What is the Best Gateway Anime?” published 01/27/17

“Review: Little Witch Academia — Episode 1” published 01/09/17

“Review: Taboo Tattoo” published 01/04/17

“How Could Christian Stories Benefit From Anime Adaptation?” published 12/28/16

“Dragon Ball’s Most Foolish Character” published 12/13/16

“Review: My Hero Academia — Season 1” published 11/22/16

“Akame Ga Kill! and Affording Redemption” published 09/23/16

“Review: Orange — Episode 2” published 09/11/16

“Review: Orange — Episode 1” published 09/03/16

“Review: Taboo Tattoo — Episode 3” published 08/13/16

“Villains & Sympathizing With Evil” published 08/02/16

“Review: Taboo Tattoo — Episode 2” published 07/25/16

“Top 8 Tournaments in Fiction” published 07/20/16

“Review: Taboo Tattoo — Episode 1” published 07/19/16

“Video Games and Coming to Terms with the End” published 07/01/16

“Review: Twin Star Exorcists — Episode 5” published 06/13/16

“Singer/Songwriter Christina Grimmie Has Passed Away — Can I Say Something?” published 06/11/16

“Review: Twin Star Exorcists — Episode 4” published 06/01/16

“Geek Week: A Testimonial” — published 05/21/16

“Review: Twin Star Exorcists — Episode 3” published 04/29/16

“Review: Twin Star Exorcists — Episode 2” published 04/27/16

“Review: Twin Star Exorcists — Episode 1” published 04/23/16

“Lyric Review: ‘What Sarah Said’ by Deathcab for Cutie” published 04/17/16

“Review: The Gamer’s Guide to the Kingdom of God” published 03/31/16

“Review: The Reason: How I Discovered A Life Worth Living” published 03/23/16

“Why I Find Dark Media Appealing” published 01/29/16

“A Geek’s Guide to Analyzing Video Games…” published 01/15/16

“Ten of the Most Endearing Canines in Video Games” published 11/25/15

“Review: Life is Strange — Episode 5” published 11/03/15

“Why I Grieve Monster Tamer Video Games” published 09/06/15

“Review: Life is Strange — Episode 4” published 08/12/15

“Review: Super Meat Boy” published 07/12/15

“What I Learned From My First Steam Summer Sale” published 07/06/15

“Review: Splatoon” published 06/14/15

“Review: Life is Strange — Episode 3” published 05/27/15

“Review: Mirror’s Edge” published 05/20/15

“Review: The Kingkiller Chronicle” published 04/24/15

“Review: Life is Strange — Episode 2” published 03/31/15

“Review: Perspective” published 03/14/15

“‘Rape’ as Video Game Vernacular” published 03/10/15

“Review: Shiftlings” published 03/07/15

“Top 10 Video Game Diseases, Viruses, & Parasites” published 02/26/15

“Review: Life is Strange — Episode 1” published 02/23/15

“Review: This War of Mine” published 02/14/15

“Video Games 101: Developers, Pioneers of an Industry” published 02/11/15

“Preview: Besiege” published 02/11/15

“The Power of Fear and Why I Pray For Anger” published 01/16/15

“Kingdom Hearts III “Confirmed” for 2015 Release By Voice Actor” published 01/09/15

“Review: Digimon (Season 2)” published 01/01/15

“Retro Review: Megaman Legends” published 12/22/14

“Iscariot — Original Short Story” published 12/15/14

“Review: Infamous: Second Son” published 12/07/14

“Writing Excuses — A Podcast for the Aspiring or Established Author” published 12/06/14

“Review: Digimon — Season 1” published 12/17/14

“Naruto: a Dedication to 15 Years” published 11/15/14

“Video Games 101: The Perception of Video Games as a Sport” published 10/19/14

“Review: Lone Survivor: Director’s Cut) published 10/18/14

“Review: Super Smash Bros. For 3DS)” published 10/08/14

“Review: The Lightbringer Series” published 08/18/14

“Review: Legion” published 09/23/14

“Video Games 101: Best-Selling Consoles & Games” published 09/01/14

“The Game that Will Destroy Your Soul” published 08/24/14

“Two Week Rock Devotional Part 2” published 08/20/14

“Two Week Rock Devotional Part 1” published 08/13/14

“Review: Ready Player One” published 08/11/14

“Review: Tales of Xillia” published 08/08/14

“Review: The Last of Us” published 07/29/14

“A Level-Up Program” published 07/28/14

“31 Reasons You Should Read Bakuman” published 07/22/14

“Review: The Rithmatist” published 07/15/14

“Review: The Emperor’s Soul” published 07/08/14

“Video Games 101: The Burning Question” published 07/04/14

“Review: Edge of Tomorrow Vs. All You Need Is Kill (Part 2)” published 06/28/14

“Review: Edge of Tomorrow Vs. All You Need Is Kill (Part 1)” published 06/23/14

“Review: Bobby Dollar — Your Friendly, Sarcastic Neighborhood Angel” published 06/20/14


“A YouTuber Worth Exploring” published 06/17/18

“Top 50 Instrumental Songs (Part 5/5)” published 12/18/17

“Top 50 Instrumental Songs (Part 4/5)” published 12/17/17

“Top 50 Instrumentals Songs (Part 3/5)” published 12/16/17

“Top 50 Instrumental Songs (Part 2/5)” published 12/15/17

“Top 50 Instrumental Songs (Part 1/5)” published 12/14/17

“Thoughts from the Kitchen (#5 — Bad Obligations)” published 09/17/17

“Thoughts From the Kitchen (#4 — I Want to be a Hero, Too)” published 08/13/17

“Thoughts From the Kitchen (#3 — Ten-Thousand Voices)” published 07/17/17

“Review: All is Vanity by Christina Grimmie” published 06/17/17

“Something Sad, Like Usual — Original Poem” published 06/08/17

“The Puppet Masters (#7 — Dedicating a Book to its Character) published 06/06/17

“Visiting Tropes (#2 — Syndromes & Curses) published 05/29/17

“The Puppet Masters (#6 — Busy, or Lazy?) published 05/26/17

“Thoughts From the Kitchen (#2 — My War Against the Beginning) published 05/20/17

“Bloody, Merry — Original Poem” published 05/05/17

“I Want to Play Piano, Dad — Original Poem” published 04/29/17

“Visiting Tropes (#1 — Hey, Bandages are Cool) published 03/29/17

“The Puppet Masters (#5 — We, the Failures) published 09/08/16

“The Puppet Masters (#4 — Magic, & Sanderson’s Laws) published 08/29/16

“Neil Gaiman on Heartbreak” published 08/29/16

“The Puppet Masters (#3 — On Writing) published 08/16/16

“The Puppet Masters (#2 — Judgment)” published 08/04/16

“Brother, My Brother” — Original Horror Short Story

“Final Thoughts. Christina Grimmie, the Girl with a Full Heart” published 06/18/16

“Singer/Songwriter Christina Grimmie Has Passed Away. Can I Say Something?” published 06/11/16 (Also appears on Geeks Under Grace)

“The Puppet Masters (#1 — Test Your Might)” published 06/09/16

“30 Day SFFH Writing Challenge” published 06/08/16

“Thoughts From the Kitchen (#1 — Organized Chaos) published 05/30/16

“Challenge Month, Day 5” published 04/10/16

“Challenge Month, Day 4” published 04/09/16

“Challenge Month, Day 3” published 04/08/16

“Challenge Month, Day 2” published 04/07/16

“Challenge Month, Day 1” published 04/06/16

“Update: 03/21/16” published 03/21/16

“Leave ‘Em Laughing — An Exercise in Myth-Crafting” published 03/18/16

“Update: 02/23/16” published 02/23/16

“The Appeal of Dark Media” published 02/10/16

“Hymni’s Broken Gift — An Exercise in Myth-Crafting” published 02/04/16

“The Spirit of Color — An Exercise in Surreal Prose” published 01/21/16

“Update 01/14/16” published 01/14/16

“An Exercise in Alliteration (Ben vs. the Asteroid)” published 01/12/16

“That One Time I Was Interviewed” published 01/06/16

“Update: 01/06/15” published 01/06/16

“The Ghost of Christmas Never — Original Short Story” published 12/21/15

“Papa’s Little Girl — Original Short Story” published 07/21/15

“The Drums — Original Short Story” published 07/03/15

“The Red Thread of Fate — Original Poem” published 07/03/15

“Ghost — Original Short Story” published 07/03/15

“The Interview — Original Short Story” published 07/03/15

“Daughter of the Rain — Original Short Story” published 07/03/15

“Disposable — Original Short Story” published 07/03/15

ANARCHY — Original Serialization, published between July 8th and October 22nd, 2015.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14


Thoughts From the Kitchen – (#3 Ten-Thousand Voices)

I once heard a story from a musician, in which he was telling a story he heard through a musician buddy, about another musician that likely neither of them knew (assuming the subject of the story is real at all).

In this story, the front man of a popular band was looking over the crowd which gathered for that night’s show.  He was exhausted from months on the road, bitter to the state of the music industry, and overall weary of singing the same songs time and again.  Yet, when he called upon his stage persona, he did so with enthusiasm and purpose. When he presented himself to the thousands of people before him, jumping and hollering along with the words he sang, he did not let his bitterness influence his performance, and for quite a simple reason:

He believed in the message of his song, and every single one of the ten-thousand voices in that sea of faces were singing for a different reason.  A unique and personal reason.

I like this story, because it acknowledges how we internalize narratives and meanings independently from one another.  Even if the overall narrative leaves little to the realm of subjectivity, the experiences we bring to the table will be rife with our own specific purposes and struggles.

“Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world.”

The sole identifying emotional word in that famous Journey intro is ‘lonely.’  If you fulfill the ‘small town girl’ aspect and feel lonely, this automatically applies to you.  Yet, you could be a small town girl, and be lonely for a completely different reason from the first person who identifies with the track.  Even more, you don’t need to identify as anything, and can simply appreciate the somber tone of the song on the mere grounds of acknowledging that yes, the world is lonely.  So on, ad infinitum, until near-most everyone has a different purpose for lifting their voices in harmony.

Writers have a similar power (yet, entirely different, as music is it’s own beast).  When we write, it’s in the ultimate hope of submerging the head-space of the reader into our world, our rhythm, our timeline.  If we are successful, especially in characterization, then we create a similar effect to the singer on the stage.

Think of your favorite character. The reason they’re your favorite is likely different from why they’re someone else’s favorite. Even if your surface-level reasons are the same, the nuance and personal element behind them can vary infinitely.

This is why we we sing, write, and create. Because art is the only thing capable of this, this relationship between expression and perception.

The Puppet Masters (#1 – Test Your Might)


“The ability of writers to imagine what is not the self, to familiarize the strange and mystify the familiar, is the test of their power.” – Toni Morrison

I am not going to step into this article and pretend like I know T. Morrison at length.  I am not even going to pretend like I know her very much at all.  If ever I have cracked open one of her stories, I can’t recall it now.

However, what I do know is she thought deeply about the status of socioeconomic and racial conditions in America, the marvel of children, as well as how to cast words in their own beautiful economy.

What I love most about Morrison’s above statement is that it equates the shape and extent of your imagination directly with a display of power.  Doing so suggests a nature of potential impact which writing can possess.  To be able to wield words in new, interesting, and creative ways is both a measure of skill and evidence that we can develop further ‘power’ by growing alongside our craft.  If a story or idea is too intimidating, we can rise to the challenge.

The juxtaposition of the relationship between foreign and familiar shows Morrison has keen understanding of how words can influence ideas.  In much the same way as words can make one second last ten pages or a millennia last one sentence, the way we choose to fill in the minds of our readers regarding the subject is completely within our hands.


(Image credit to Pajunen on Deviantart.)

30 Day SFFH Writing Challenge

il_570xN_858552710_ik89The following is a list of 30 custom-made writing prompts, designed to invoke principles of science-fiction, fantasy, and horror in their creation.  There is no hard and fast length requirement, but I recommend a minimum of 300 words per entry.  Any prompt designating “you” as the protagonist is not necessarily restricted to the first-person and can be headed by any character of your choice.  Preferably one of your own design, of course.

  1. Write a story in which horticulture could be destructive or abused on a global or personal level.
  2. You wake up and suddenly you have a new twin!  Umm…where did they come from?  Also, why are they so angry?
  3. Using omniscient POV, write a story in which you must escape from the Roman Space Coliseum.
  4. A new culture of people is discovered hidden literally underneath America.  Facial hair is a big deal to them.  Why?  What does it mean for the women?
  5. What is that thing looking at you from the bottom of the basement stairs?
  6. A powerful mage has caused it to rain acid.  In a medieval setting, you must talk down a character who has lost hope and is threatening to take their own life.
  7. Three (in)famous writers will grant your wish to bring their characters into your world for the day.  Write the conversation you have with the writers, detailing the vehicle of your decision-making.  Use dialogue to navigate most of the story.
  8. A woman with full control over her mental faculties decides to kill her daughter.  You must write why we should empathize with this person, post-offense.
  9. The main character of your last story (whether from #8 or something else altogether) is now a witch/wizard.  They want to save the world, but should they?  Run them through a strict Q&A about their aptitude for world-saving.
  10. The world was legitimately supposed to end yesterday.  It didn’t.  Write the aftermath of people now acclimating to the fact that their lives are not over and that they must now return to their usual work day.
  11. You’ve inherited Tony Stark’s standard “Ironman” suit.  What’s the first thing you do with your newfound abilities?
  12. Oh my god, you’re in a hotel and something wants to kill you.
  13. You might have just stolen the Philosopher’s Stone from the tomb of Nicholas Flamel.  Now, with immortality in your hands, you are able to live forever.  Describe what you are doing four hundred years from now.
  14. Camping with your friends in the woods, your sleep is interrupted by the sound of someone or something trying to unzip your tent.  Who/what is trying to get inside, and why?
  15. You witness the destruction of an internationally renown zeppelin.  The next day, you are arrested as primary suspect in the crime.  How do you plead?  Do you even stick around to find out, or do you try to run?
  16. Onboard a space voyaging ship, your crew prepares to celebrate the birthday of the captain.  You’re in the void of the universe and haven’t made a stop in weeks, but he’s disappeared and there’s no sign of him on the ship.  What happened to him?
  17. You’ve been invited to Mt. Olympus to cheer up Zeus, who has officially been friend-zoned by all of the goddesses.  Can you help him set up a date, or will you take another course of action?
  18. In a city of perpetual night, you are assigned by your team leader to do a dead drop for the new recruit.  You must decide what goes wrong and how it plays out accordingly.
  19. Congratulations!  For whatever reason, you’re in the crowd when Oprah decides to give everybody a pet dragon.  Write about your first day together.
  20. You know that one celebrity you have a huge crush on?  Well, they died.  Except now their soul lives on as a sentient app for your cellphone.  In 30 days, they will disappear forever.  What do you do with this time?
  21. It has been scientifically, spiritually, and physically proven that our reality is a simulation and is going to shut down at the end of the year.  What happens to the world now that the masses are aware of this approaching, ultimate conclusion?
  22. You broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend.  They took it pretty hard.  Sucks for you, because they are a ninja and you must figure out some way to resolve this problem before they take you out.
  23. You are locked in a toy store for the night.  The toys are alive.  Write a story about what happens until the sun rises.
  24. A professional, virtual-reality, video game team has recruited you.  Describe your first tournament match in the virtual-reality arena.  How do you feel?  How do you perform?  What opinions do others form of you?
  25. Cupid needs a day off and you’re the fill-in.  You need to make at least three new couples by the end of the day, or by the time you’re done you will never be able to fall in love again.
  26. You’re running a daycare when seven new kids are dropped off into your care.  Each of them represents and perpetuates the characteristics of one of the Seven Deadly Sins.  You already have five kids in your care before this development and you are entirely on your own.  Survive.
  27. A supernatural virus has doomed your body.  Describe its influence on your mind and flesh as you slowly become consumed by its corrupting power.  Bonus points if the entire story takes place in one room.
  28. North Korea has created a giant robot (science-fiction for multiple reasons, clearly).  How does the world respond to this?
  29. You possess a special kind of magic in which whomever you paint a portrait of, you trap their soul inside of it.  Addicted to your power, you’ve become a novelty-person’s collector.  Who do you collect?  Write a story in which you explore this idea.
  30. Begin a story with the words “I will not die the monster.”