Update: 01/14/16

Greetings all of you strange and beautiful creatures.

Despite having already published some material for this week (backlog through the widgets to find my exercise in alliteration), I figure I ought to do a quick update anyways.

In addition to my long-form project “The Wisdom of Demons,” I have now also begun crafting a short, horror tale for HorrorTree’s upcoming anthology “Let Us In.”  I haven’t done horror in a while, but it’s one of my favorites, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what develops.

I’m nearing the 1/3 mark on my read through Brandon Sanderson’s “Alloy of Law.”  As per usual, it is off to a solid start, with the promise of growing into something much more as the narrative builds.  At this point I’m pretty much sold on anything this man creates.

Not currently in the middle of any anime or manga besides the standard milling, but I am loosely watching a police drama called Flashpoint at my brother’s suggestion.  It is excellent learning material for The Wisdom of Demons.

Struggling not to get distracted with practicing my illustration skills.  They’ve grown rusty as of late, but it’s not something I have any intentions of dropping.  I’ve recently begun watching how-to videos on the craft again, as well as following an illustrator on Youtube named ‘itsbirdy’ who creates some rather marvelous work with his limited resources.

I’ve been heavy into developing my taste for EDM lately.  It’s good music for simply engaging oneself in whatever you happen to be doing.  Tremendously looking forward to Christina Grimmie’s new EP due out some time this month.

Anyways, that’s all.  Thanks for listening.

God bless, make a friend, always remember to smile.

(If you have any suggestions on EDM music, hit me up.)

*Articuno & Elsa picture compliments of itsbirdy. Check him out on Youtube and Instagram.


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