Update: 03/21/16


Begrudgingly, I have set aside “The Wisdom of Demons” for the foreseeable future.  It’s an idea story, and I’m afraid I began the narrative without enough preparation for where I wanted it to go or what I wanted to accomplish.  I do hope to return to it someday, once I’ve better netted the tone, didactic principle, and endgame of the story.

In the meantime, because I need something to occupy myself and experiment upon, I’ve been passing time with a fun, mildly satirical inside-joke sort of story called Creeksend, involving all of my personal friends.  While Creeksend is fun, it’s reminding me how much better I am at high fantasy than any other genre.  Wisdom of Demons was an urban fantasy geared towards adults, slated to be an independent work.  It made more sense to go that route than say, a multi-volume, high-fantasy series.  The market just doesn’t take those from new authors without a fight.

This is to say, I resurrected one of my old story ideas in this same vein of fantasy, an epic called “Heroica.”  I might start readjusting myself to working on that once I wrap up my shenanigans with Creeksend, as I am very fond of the magic system and characters I’ve created in the Heroica universe.

Writing aside, my media consumption has been cut of a different cloth, lately.  I’ve almost exclusively listened to podcasts, such as the Cracked Podcast, Criminal, and Welcome to Night Vale, which all have wildly different tones and agendas.  I’ve been trying to go through The Office, but I do not like it as much as I thought I would.  I’ve played no new video games and watched no new anime, but I did go through every single character bio for the League of Legends roster as research for lore building, character creation, and prose writing.  It was marvelous.

On a serious note, someone I care about deeply has been going through a rough time lately, so I’m considering fasting for her heart.  There are a lot of bad influences around her, changing her, and it’s painful to watch, but there’s not much else I can do.  Fasting and prayer seem to be the most evident options.

(Art is credited to GUWEIZ on Deviantart (http://guweiz.deviantart.com/))


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