Thoughts From the Kitchen (#1 – Organized Chaos)


Returning from the dead, I’ve got a handful of fun new features I’m presenting on the site for your benefit and my ever-turbulent sanity.

Firstly and least important, I updated the background.  This means nothing, really.  I just never do it, so I felt it was significant enough to mention.  The new background is a wallpaper of the city of Cloudbank from popular, indie video game “Transistor.”

Next up to the plate, the site name.  The url is unchanged of course, but the blog itself goes by “The Puppet Kitchen” now, in accordance with my long-standing spree of being quite overdramatic.  I do love my fanfare.  The name is appropriate in more ways than can be adequately captured here, so please be content just knowing that I put a good chunk of soul and time into its formation.  It’d been tumbling around the upstairs for a while, so it feels good to finally put it out there.

I’m launching a slightly more formal version of my usual updates, handsomely titled “Thoughts From the Kitchen.”  You know, that thing you’re reading right now.  These function largely the same as before, but with a few caveats.  They are more organized and deliberate now.  Each installment will possess my musings and feelings, but with a newfound direction or theme lacking in my old updates.  What’s more, I’ll be revealing upkeep on projects and ending each update with a personal challenge to myself.

Another series of posts will be called “The Puppet Masters” in which I share words and advice from other writers or a source from a related industry.  Basically anything that I find useful for facilitating growth in prose or storytelling.  To follow this advice, I will be giving a personal response to the material.

And of course, there will be actual stories and exercises of my own design.  I’ve been keeping a running word count of all my writing this year which I’ll be updating every once in a while.

Those are my new features.  So with all the enthusiasm of one who has stayed up all night for his day job (ha…all night…day job), I thank you and bid thee adieu.

Challenge – Since I tried and failed a 30 Day writing challenge before, I’m going to attempt that again.  However, I am going to make the prompts, as I did not fancy any of the ones I’d been doing.  Expect my list to be have an overly dramatic name.  Can’t break the running theme, now.


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