Update: 09/02/15

This is the first week since I’ve began publishing items on my blog in which nothing will be released.  However, since I want to make Wednesdays my day where it can be expected I’ll provide something, I’ll just give you a quick update.

The reason I have nothing written for this week is because I just recently attended back-to-back conventions, the first being science fiction and fantasy’s WorldCon in Spokane, Washington, the second being video games’ Pax Prime in Seattle, Washington.  Both events were superb and gave me opportunities to talk with many of my favorite authors, including their editors and agents.

I’m going to try and write a chapter of Anarchy for next Wednesday, but I’m also putting  together a short-story to be pitched for an anthology, so it’s going to be a stretch.  On top of this, I still need to finish my last Geeks Under Grace article before I can officially go on hiatus there.  It’s too much to take care of all of these responsibilities, plus my day job, plus my new dog.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.  I’ll be working hard to get my agenda back on track these next couple of weeks.  Until then, God bless, make a friend, and always remember to smile.

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